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 Journey Into Nyx Pre-Release 

Two Sealed Main Events: Midnight April 26th (after Friday Night Magic) & 1PM Saturday Afternoon
 Two-Headed Giant: Sunday April 27th 1:00pm $30 per team)
When: Saturday April 26th, 2014 12:05am (After Friday Night Magic) & Saturday April 26th 1:00pm
Entry Fee: $20 if paid in full before close on April 24th or $25 at the door.
Pre-Registration opens at our Tuesday Night Magic Event on April 1st and goes through close of business (8pm) on April 24th. 

Prizes: At least 2 Packs per player in the prize pool,so if 48 people show up, a minimum of 96 packs will be given out!!!! Random playmats, sleeves, commander decks and more will be given out during the event, not just to the winners. For our last Pre-release, we had over 78 people show up for the event, so sign up early so you don't miss out!!! 

This event is limited to 64 players per event due to space concerns. Anyone showing up after that limit is reached at the midnight tournament will get priority placement in Saturday's event. 

Prizes will be awarded after round 4 to players with the following standings: 
4 Wins - 0 Losses (12 points)
3 Wins - 0 Losses 1 Draw (10 points) 
3 Wins - 1 Loss (9 points) 
2 Wins - 2 Losses - 1 Draw (7 Points)
Everyone else will receive at least a pack for playing!

Weekly In-Store Gaming Events

Warhammer 40k - 5:30pm

Magic: The Gathering Standard Tournament - $5 - 6:00pm

Heroclix - 5:30pm

Warmachine/Hordes 5:30pm-8:00pm

Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $13 - 7:00pm
Keep what you draft! Promo cards go out to all players, and top half get booster pack prizes!

Star Wars Minis - 5:30pm

Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Format Tournament - $5- Sign ups open at 1:00pm and first round begins at 1:30pm
 Magic: Elder Dragon Highlander/Commander Tournaments - $5 - 3-5 player tables. Winner of the table takes $6 in store credit for each player at their table. 1:30pm (Free play available as well!) 

Anime Sunday!!
Pokemon League Every Sunday from 1:00pm - 3:30pm
All Ages & Skill Levels Welcome!
Free Promo card given out to all players 15 and under.

Open Play all day!

Our gaming area is open during all store hours, feel free to come in and play anytime!

Please send any questions about games or our events to our events organizer, JP. Krypto.jp@gmail.com