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ThunderCats Gifts & Merchandise

Thundercats was part of the second wave of popular 80s toy cartoons (that also includes its sister show SilverHawks). It follows the adventures of Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra as they battle the evil Mumm-Ra and his mutants for control of Third Earth. With a successful new cartoon that reboots the franchise, the Thundercats are popular with young and old audiences alike. We carry a huge amount of Thundercats swag (mostly with the instantly-recognizable Thundercats Logo) that includes everything from t-shirts, hats, hoodies, wallets and even a cool Mumm-Ra "Staction Figure."
No need to head to Third Earth, come to Kryptonite Kollectibles where you'll find a great selection of Thundercats stuff! We have t-shirts featuring the cast along with the Thundercats symbol and Lion-O's "HOOOOOO" battle-cry. And for those with a more evil side, we've got Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. Save yourself a trip back in time and come to Kryptonite Kollectibles instead!