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Spider-Man Gifts & Merchandise

Bitten by a radioactive spider, nerdy high school student Peter Parker became Spider-Man, one of comics' most recognizable and popular characters. Spider-Man has spawned (no pun intended) numerous comic books, movies, TV series, cartoons and much much more. At Kryptonite Kollectibles, you'll find plenty of Spider-Man gear including hats, t-shirts and so much more.
You don't need a radioactive Spider-Bite to be Spider-Man, just shop at Kryptonite Kollectibles instead! We have a legendary selection of Spider-Man gifts, gear and memorabilia featuring the Web Slinger and his iconic logo. No matter if you prefer Tobey McGuire, the Silver Age incarnation or the animated version, you'll find it all here. We also have a full line of Spider-Man T-shirts for all ages and sizes in both modern and vintage designs with artwork that ranges from funny to heroic. Just watch out for the Green Goblin. He's a jerk.